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DotHot App motivates customers nearby to visit your Restaurant, Store or Service Point to get the best Promotions, Coupons, Discounts or Information.

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Send a coupon, discount, or information to customers near your business and let them hear more of your audience.

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Our marketing platform is based on Bluetooth and Beacon technologies. This gives our sales locations the ability to connect with our customers in an exciting and attractive way. This new set of abilities allows us to interact with our users in real time. We are capable of transmitting important content pertaining to our offer in a personalized way using three channels (offline, online, and mobile). We use a modern high-tech connection, which includes Bluetooth technology and Beacon technology (up to 100m) using smart phone. This means that when you walk past or enter store, the customer will immediately receive a message on their smartphone. The message will include information about the products or services. Individual DotHot offerings will be included in messages sent to customers' smartphones.

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